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2021 is a very special year for the CMS Drupal community for two reasons:

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All developers use tools, which make them most efficient. Sometimes organisations impose own tools standards. I have observed quite surprising thing - even users convinced they are power users tend to miss some less popular features of their daily used tools. I would like to present one often missed feature of git - git bisect. I would like to present one often missed feature of git -git bisect.

What is Gulp?

In simple words, Gulp is a task runner which allow us to automate repetitive actions so we can concentrate on coding.

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In previous part of this series, I introduced general usage of containers and ready to go images. What to do, if existing image doesn't fit your needs?

Do we really have to slowly implement all configuration changes manually, installation of packages every time, when we are using almost “ready” image? In previous post I showed command docker commit as a way for creation new images with saved state. Unfortunately, in longer run, this solution is not convenient, for example how to track all changes, and history of images?

In this post, I'll show how to build images (almost) from scratch, and how to share those images in a team or bigger community of users and how to automatize process of image build by integration with GitHub / BitBucket.


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