Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2015


In 17th January 2015 we have met once again in our workshop in Wroclaw during the Global Sprint Weekend, which took place in 48 city in around the World (https://groups.drupal.org/node/447258).

Goal of the Sprint was help with the Drupal 8 release and multilingual content support. When I wrote this text Drupal 8 have 69 critical issues and stable release still need our help!


In eight hours we done 8th rerolls, add two patches and 10 reviews most on #novice task. This is maybe not some big impact, but we was only small group. All task needs big precision and focus, we saw the progress from the last time! On the end of meeting we have small presentation about power of Docker with soft drinks ;) Sponsor of pizza and drinks Ratio Web.


  • Karol Bryksa

  • Paweł Górski

  • Jakub Piasecki (remote)

  • Jarek Sobiecki

  • Piotr Sobieszczański

Thank you for coming and see you next time!

Written by Karol Bryksa
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