Intelligent code completion in javascript with Tern project

One of popular features provided by various IDE-s is intelligent, context aware code completion. Benefits are well known – you don't have to remember whole list of methods, functions and tons of your API documentation

I meet very often statement, that such feature is available only in "huge" IDE, and it's so critically important, that using more traditional editors (like old good ViM) are disqualified as a tool for serious programmer work. In this blog entry, I will show how to achieve context aware code completion in lightweight editors.

It's good to have lightweight alternative for a resource hungry IDE. In this blog entry, I will show, how with one plugin and dedicated tool, that analyzes javascript code achieve same feature in a ViM editor. Although whole process is described for this editor, there are different integrations available for other editors and IDE-s.

Written by Jarek Sobiecki
  • Toolkit