Drupal 8 Training - Drupal Global Training Days (Summary)

Drupal Global Training

In last friday 21th of august we organized free training about developing web application with Drupal 8 with name "Lick of Drupal 8".

Drupal 8 is a new version of popular open source content management system, which brings native support for HTML5 and RWD, REST web services, quick and flexible inline edition, better accessibility and tools for managing configuration.

Drupal 8 is also big architecture change: improved Entity interface, two type of entity configuration and content. PHP template was replaced by Twig, which helps to have only one place for creation of markup, without _theme and preprocess functions. Many contrib modules like: Views, Migrate, i18l, Services, Entity API are implemented in Drupal 8 core.

Scope of trainings:

  • 1. Entity and field.
  • 2. Users and permissions.
  • 4. REST web services.
  • 5. Configuration managment.
  • 6. Multilanguage Drupal 8
  • 7. Theme system and Twig

Slides are avalible on Github: https://github.com/RatioWeb/Drupal-8-Basics

Training was organized in cooperation with Drupal Association on Drupal Global Training Days, all materials, drinks and pizza was provided by Ratio Web cooperative.

Stable release of Drupal 8 is planned on september 2015. We are looking forward to start work with 8!

Drupal lecture
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