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DeveloperWeek 2022 - summary

Developer Week 2022

DeveloperWeek is one of most popular events (8k participants) focused on tech crowd. In this year, we had opportunity to join this event and check, what makes it so popular. Once again, this was no Drupal event for us, so we could leave our island and learn something new.

Start of this event was bit bitter for us. This year's event was planned to be held in sunny California, US. Unfortunately, due to the global covid crisis, organisers were forced to make the tough decisions to make it all-virtual. It's a bummer, but we really support it. Safety first.

Having that said, we need to say - although it was online, I can say nothing but words of appreciation, as it was done really, really well. Selection of sponsors, speakers inclusion of gamification to make audience more interested in exhibition zone - all went well :). 

What I liked at this event was the fact, that we could listen to sessions held by people from organisations that services we use, eg Sentry. We also liked the fact, that there was lot regarding Kubernetes, which is our selection for services orchestration in our humble organisation. There was more than this, you could listen from people of MariaDB (our favorite RDBMS!) and many many other open source solutions. That's really a thing!

After this event, we had a bunch of contacts, some new things we will need to check out in future and a general impression of what's is important for IT crowd these days. We really enjoyed it and we recommend this event to anyone that identifies themselves as a techie.


Written by jsobiecki
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