Slate Advisers

A custom-built CRM for HR Tech Firm
Slate Advisers

Our Client

Slate Advisers, located in the Bay Area, California, specializes in career coaching. Slate’s Career division provides personalized outplacement services for transitioning employees, tailored to their unique goals, needs and experience. The Growth division of the company offers behavioral science-based leadership coaching assisting companies in their efforts to develop leaders.

Our role

We were approached by our Client in 2015. At that time, Slate’s offer was chiefly focused on outplacement services. The website that our Client used back then was a limiting factor for a dynamically growing company and it became apparent that a more robust, secure and modern solution was essential for further growth. The new system, a custom-built CRM, delivered after a thorough and detailed analysis of requirements plus extensive development, allowed our Client to efficiently serve more patrons while facilitating internal communication between teams. Since its official launch, the system has been actively supported and thus extended with a number of new features to suit our Client’s evolving needs.

Few years back, Slate Advisers expanded their services and began to offer leadership coaching. The newly created branch, Slate Growth, started to attract more and more patrons. Slate Growth operated separately from Slate Career and the existing CRM was not a good fit for it. We were entrusted by our Client with yet another, even bigger project with its own challenges, the challenges we were happy to embrace, work on and deliver.

Notwithstanding the continuous development and the maintenance of these two aforementioned independent systems, we assist Slate Advisers with the visual identification, marketing materials and professional expertise.

Challenges faced

Since our and our Client’s team members are scattered across multiple timezones, organizing not only face to face, but also online meetings was, and continuous to be, challenging. While being able to meet weekly and even bi-weekly, to ensure effective and transparent communication we have additionally incorporated a number of tools to guarantee that the scope and progress of each undertaking is clear and known to every single person involved.

It was essential for us to understand our Client’s business domain well. Slate Advisers innovative services challenged us to provide solutions that are on par in terms of ingenuity. On the other hand, it was equally important to us that our Client had excellent insight into what we were doing and understood the „why” behind every step of the project. This approach was undoubtedly challenging, but allowed both us and our Client to contribute to the end result in the most compelling way.


We became key technology advisor and vendor to Slate Advisers. We expanded initial site design to consistent visual identification and solved problems security issues. Later on, together with customer, we were able to provide technical execution plan for new needs of firm.


  • Drupal 7 - 9
  • Zoho CRM (integration)
  • Fullstack developer
  • QA engineer
  • UX/UI designer
Key features
  • Elastic view builder
  • Dynamic data properties
  • Configurable report system
  • Bi-directional CRM sync
  • Legacy system migration