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Web summit 2021 - summary

Web summit 2021

At 1-4 November, 2021 we are able to participate in one of biggest technology conferences in the world. We were there, as part of PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) mission.

Autumn 2021 was pretty busy for us! We were able to visit a new event in a traditional, on-site form with a lot of exciting projects. As we were a bit tired with all-virtual mode, with all hopin, zoom and web-based events, we decided to spend a few hours on a flight to beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.


This event was all new to us. As we are mostly a hardcode Drupal crowd, it was new experience to us. If you are investor, new startup looking for a business angel or a fresh business looking for end users, this event is definitely place for you.

Organisers have done a lot to provide safe (COVID-19!) and convenient event for several thousand of participants. We were really impressed how well things can be done.


We were there mostly to get as much networking as we could, but saying that, we were astonished by all interesting startups and inspiring speakers.  Few to mention are Mark Papermaster, CTO of AMD with his session regarding macro boom of microprocessors market, UNDP ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau discussion discussing sustainable development or ability to hear from practiniers how AI application shapes traditional industry like fashion. It's really place where you can leave your comfort zone and learn what is buzzing in technology world.

Web summit 2021
Jarek with lovely Polish Agency for Enterprise Development stand as background.

What was even more exciting, was the startup exhibition zone. You could lost in a maze of exhibitions of firms with different stage of development (called as Alphas for startups in early and Betas for startups working on markets). Organisers decided to split them in various areas, like Fintech, Marketing, Communities development. We have seen lot of interesting ideas, we had lot of interesting conversations!


Among others, we remember discussion with Tim@Sourcery, very interesting tool for developers (AI driven code assistant), Dave@Ethyca, a very interesting open source framework for handling what and how we process the private data of our users. We were also quite impressed by demo of Skyworker, a Tinder-like recruiting tool for developers. We also could see what is going one in the market, what interests people and what starts to lost the attention of crowds. Who knows, maybe we had a interesting conversation with one of future Unicorns? :)

Written by jsobiecki
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