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One of popular features provided by various IDE-s is intelligent, context aware code completion. Benefits are well know – you don't have to remember whole list of methods, functions and tons of your API documentation

I meet very often statement, that such feature is available only in "huge" IDE, and it's so critically important, that using more traditional editors (like old good ViM) are disqualified as a tool for serious programmer work. In this blog entry, I will show how to achieve context aware code completion in lightweight editors.

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In 17th January 2015 we have met once again in our workshop in Wroclaw during the Global Sprint Weekend, which took place in 48 city in around the World (

Goal of the Sprint was help with the Drupal 8 release and multilingual content support. When I wrote this text Drupal 8 have 69 critical issues and stable release still need our help!


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