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In last friday 21th of august we organized free training about developing web application with Drupal 8 with name "Lick of Drupal 8".

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In previous part this mini-series I described tool and main idea behind Docker. In this part, it's time to gets your hands dirty. We will prepare environment for our theoretical app based on CMS Drupal.

I'll show, how to prepare small database server and how our host (our workstation) can cooperate with containers running under control of Docker.

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Each person, which works with a lot of different projects, that requires some subtle differences in configuration, was struggling with need for managing development environment. Installation of every required tool, library and servers directly on your work station will lead to problems in future. You can try virtualization in order to solve that problem, but unfortunately, it also introduces new problems.

In this blog post I'll describe alternative solution - Docker. I'll introduce some basic tool glassary, and I will show, how to install that tool on Ubuntu OS. For now, I'll stop on theoretical introduction. I will focus on practical part of this tool in a future.

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One of popular features provided by various IDE-s is intelligent, context aware code completion. Benefits are well know – you don't have to remember whole list of methods, functions and tons of your API documentation

I meet very often statement, that such feature is available only in "huge" IDE, and it's so critically important, that using more traditional editors (like old good ViM) are disqualified as a tool for serious programmer work. In this blog entry, I will show how to achieve context aware code completion in lightweight editors.

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